Outdoor Living

Today, a large number of property owners are interested in outdoor spaces designed and installed by professionals. These areas add to the value and aesthetics of the property. We at Naturescapes Landscaping have been operating in this field for a number of years now.


We handle end-to-end landscape designing projects that include installation of outdoor living spaces such as patios, pergolas, fire pits, and fireplaces. All these features make your garden and yard more functional and encourage the use of these spaces. The specific details we focus on are:

  • The size of the available space
  • Functionality and aesthetics
  • Design elements
  • Requirement for lighting and plumbing
  • Flooring materials
  • Your personal preferences


We keep all these elements in mind and then create outdoor living spaces that you will love to use and live in. There are a number of features that can be included, such as:

  • Outdoor Kitchens- Today, a number of property owners prefer to add outdoor kitchens. These could be as detailed or minimalistic as you like and are designed to complement the look of your home.
  • Patios- These are a great addition to your backyard. You can choose from the semi-enclosed or open air. You can choose from concrete, brick or natural stone pavers.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces & fire pits- are a wonderful way to extend your outdoor living pleasure well into the evening.

Apart from this, we can provide arbors, gazebos, and pergolas. These outdoor features are an excellent addition to the landscape and add their own distinct charm. Regardless of the size let us create your outdoor living space.

We provide quality service and workmanship in everything we do. For more information about the different outdoor solutions, we can provide, call Naturescapes Landscaping at 973-545-2286 or fill out the form on the homepage or on the contact us page.