Rain Gardens

A rain garden is an aesthetic addition to the landscape that also creates a functional system that improves water quality and reduces runoff. Building a rain garden is an ideal method of reducing stormwater pollution.


These have a very simple system that collects rainwater from your sidewalks, driveways, and roof and diverts it to a rain garden. The water soaks slowly into the ground and filters the contaminants while reducing your property’s runoff. There are a number of benefits to installing a rain garden:

  • Improves water quality as they filter the runoff
  • Provides localized flood control
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Provides interesting opportunities for planting 
  • It’s an excellent way to encourage biodiversity and wildlife
  • Responsible way to contribute to the environment and recharge groundwater.
  • The ability to deal with excessive storm-water runoff without adding to the burden of the common stormwater systems
  • Improves water quality
  • Increases beneficial insects which eliminate pest insects
  • Protect rivers and streams
  • Create habitat for birds & butterflies


These gardens can absorb runoff with 30-40% greater efficiency than a standard lawn. Since the rainwater is captured in the rain garden, it gets released slowly back into the ground and reduces the chances of flooding.We have the knowledge and expertise to install rain gardens on properties of any size. They vary in depth 6″ to 2′ deep.Many landscapes have areas covered with impervious materials like concrete. Rain gardens are an excellent rainwater management option that makes your landscape more sustainable. For more information, call Naturescapes Landscaping at 973-545-2286. You can also send us your queries via the online form and we will respond promptly.