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  • 06/17/2019 - naturescapeslandscaping 0 Comments

    Many of us spend numerous hours indoors staring at screens.  There is actually now a condition know as nature deficit disorder.  Creating/developing outdoor living environments is an easy way to invite us outside and away from our screens and to experience the calming rhythms of nature.  Some would argue that we are not "connecting" with nature we are nature.  It is our home. #naturescapeslandscaping #landscaping #landscapedesign #raingardens #outdoorliving #outdoorlighting #garden #landscapeproject #gardendesign #landscapeideas #planting #outdoorspace #outdoorwaterfeatures

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  • 05/31/2019 - naturescapeslandscaping 1 Comment

    When guests arrive at your home is there an obvious route to the front door.  Are there 2 front doors.  Which one should they go to?  Is the house number prominently displayed?  Is there a well lit defined pathway for guests arriving at night.  There are many aspects to creating a welcoming environment for your guests.  A well thought out plan can help make your home a truly inviting place. #naturescapeslandscaping #landscaping #outdoorlighting #outdoorspace #landscapingideas #outdoorliving #plantings #garden #landscapedesign #homeimprovement #gardenbeds #landscapeproject​​

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  • 05/17/2019 - naturescapeslandscaping 1 Comment
    – PRIVACY –

    Feeling the need for a little privacy?  For many of us, our home is our sanctuary.  Creating a private environment can truly enhance your personal / family space.  Strategically placed plantings can limit and even completely block site lines into your yard and also certain windows of your home.  *Careful planning and implementation can help you achieve the right amount of privacy for you and your loved ones.  *Options range from hedge rows to individual and group evergreen tree plantings depending on your needs and your properties layout. #naturescapeslandscaping #nature #landscaping #plants #outdoorliving #landscapeproject #landscaper #gardendesign #outdoorlighting #raingardens #pavers #outdoorspace 

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  • 05/07/2019 - naturescapeslandscaping 1 Comment

    We were recently at a flower show that offered kids a small cup filled with soil and a seed.  The invitation was for the children to bring the cup home and properly water the seed until it spouted and then care for their new plant.  What a wonderfully magical experience to offer to our young "budding" gardeners. The lessons of patience, caring for another living thing and the magic of nature are a few of the valuable experiences gardening can offer.  And they can get their hands dirty too!  #naturescapeslandscaping #nature #plants #garden #landscapedesign #outdoorliving #landscaping #gardendesign #landscaper #gardening ​​

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  • 04/19/2019 - naturescapeslandscaping 0 Comments
    Why Should you consider installing landscape lighting?

    Safety – Lighting helps identify trip hazards along steps,pathways and decks

    Security – Deter unwanted guests from your property

    Utility – Lighting sets the stage for evening enjoyment of your outdoor living space and helps create a welcoming environment for family, friends and guests

    Beauty – Make your home and garden dramatic and beautiful at night.  A beautifully lit property is nice to come home to after a long day at work

    #landscapelighting #naturescapeslandscaping #landscaping #landscapedesign #outdoorliving #outdoorlighting #landscapeproject #outdoorspace

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  • 04/05/2019 - naturescapeslandscaping 2 Comments

    Most residential landscapes have a 20-25 year life span.  Beyond that many of the original plantings overgrow their initial location and no longer provide the aesthetic enhancement they were planted for.  Removal of mature plantings and their stumps is also typically a job for professionals.   Once the overgrown plantings have been removed a new landscape design can be installed to give your home and property a fresh new look.​ #landscaping #landscapedesign #naturescapeslandscaping #outdoorliving #garden #landscapeproject #landscaper #landscapeideas #outdoorspace #outdoorlighting #landscapelighting #waterfeatures #gardendesign #pavers #plants #raingardens

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  • 03/22/2019 - naturescapeslandscaping 1 Comment

    "We’ve never had a drainage issue like this"  We heard that exact phrase repeatedly during the 2018 landscaping season.  Clients, many of which have lived in their homes for 20 or more years reported flooding and drainage problems even where previously there weren’t any.  An absolutely crucial foundational component of a properly installed landscape is managing water and runoff.  It’s essential that a well planned out drainage system is incorporated into your landscape.  Drainage systems and components can also be added to existing landscapes to help solve current problems. #naturescapeslandscaping #landscaping #landscapingdesign #drainage #raingardens #outdoorliving #landscapeproject #landscape #construction #gardening #garden #landscaper #gardendesign #landscapearchitecture #exterior #pavers #hardscaping #landscapeideas #gardenbeds #planting #outdoorspace #homeimprovement

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  • 05/09/2018 - naturescapeslandscaping 0 Comments

    Like pretty much everything relating to home improvement there is a dizzying amount of choices and options relating to home landscaping and outdoor living environments.  Taking the time to explore the options and putting them all together on a master plan is an investment that pays off for many years to come.  Many landscaping projects are done in phases and the master plan insures that these phases seemlessly fit together over the life of the project.  3D C.A.D. drawings enable the homeowner to view their landscaping and outdoor living environment in full color 3 dimensional form from a variety of angles and perspectives day or night.  Some of these programs include a video flyover of a "Completed" project.  This is a wonderful way to eliminate any questions or doubt about the final results of your project.  Like most things in life, careful planning and attention to detail will help insure long term results and satisfaction. #naturescapeslandscaping #landscaping #landscapedesign #outdoorliving #landscapeproject #landscapemasterplan #natureknowsbestSign Up To Receive a $135 Welcome Bonus!

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  • 04/25/2018 - naturescapeslandscaping 0 Comments

    Many homeowners make substantial investments in their landscaping and outdoor living enviroments and give little or no consideration to proper landscape lighting.  If your like most people you leave for work in the morning when its dark and return home when its getting or already dark outside.  A properly installed quality lighting system not only extends the hours you get to enjoy your landscape it adds the elements of safety and security for your family and guests.  Quality landscape lighting fixtures and equipment – not available at Big Box Stores – will give you many years of service and enjoyment.  Some projects are great for the DIYers but its our opinion this isn’t one of them.  An experanced landscape lighting contractor will provide you with a much better longer lasting and satisfying outcome.  A good rule of thumb is to budget anywhere from 10-20% of your landscapeing budget for outdoor lighting.  If landscape lighting is poorly done or not at all you miss a big opportunity to beautify your property as well as keep it safe and secure. 

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  • 04/11/2018 - naturescapeslandscaping 1 Comment
    Event Prep

    The spring and summer season brings many celebrations. From Birthdays & weddings to graduation parties and mother and fathers day to name a few.  Many people are now hosting these gatherings in there homes and on their properties.  With the explosion of the home landscaping industry over the past 20 years there are beautiful properties and outdoor living environments that make wonderful settings for these types of get togethers.  Shrub prunning, fresh mulch and flower bed plantings may be all thats needed to set the stage for your event.  Consider what some decorative planters would add to your outdoor living environment.  Perhaps a hardscape cleaning and restoration should be your focus.  Attention to these details might be all it takes to leave you and your guests with wonderful lasting memories.

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  • 03/29/2018 - naturescapeslandscaping 0 Comments
    Protect Your Investment

    Like everything else in the home environment your pavers and hardscaping require periodic care to maintain their appearance and condition.  One of the issues is many of these projects were sold as needing little or no maintenance so the homeowners pretty much ignored them after they were installed.  After years of neglect the colors have faded and weeds and moss took over the joints between the pavers.

    Paver cleaning, sealing and restoration is now available to help restore older projects and help maintain newer installations.  After a thorough cleaning polymeric sand is swept into the paver joints – think grout – to eliminate future weed growth.  A sealer/protectant is then applied to preserve and in some cases enhance the original color.  The polymeric sand is typically a one time installation and the sealer/protectant should be applied every 2-3 years to maintain the fresh clean look of your hardscaping installation.  These services typically cost between $1.50 & $2.25 per sq. ft. depending on the condition and size of the project.

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  • 03/21/2018 - naturescapeslandscaping 0 Comments

    No Really. It is. I know after – Latest count – 4 Noreasters & Colder Temps with more snow in March than in February it's hard to believe.  But flowers and birds and green grass are nearly upon us.  If you’ve been dreaming about new or updated flower and planting beds, a beautiful new outdoor living environment, new front walk & entry area or landscape lighting to name a few now is the time to begin planning for these projects.  Early planning and a good working design are critical for completion before the summer season.

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  • 12/21/2016 - naturescapeslandscaping 0 Comments
    Coming Soon – Naturescapes Landscaping Blog!

    We are excited for the upcoming season, and look forward to providing information and entertaining blog post content for our landscape enthusiasts! Keep an eye out for fresh content coming soon!

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